What if an app and a tutor had a baby? Meet Kleo

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- How Kleo Gets You Speaking -

practice speaking whenever you want

Immersion designed by top language and tech experts. Building your confidence to go out and speak in the real world.

learn like you are there

The magic of learning from a person meets the convenience of an app. A friend to practice with anytime, anywhere.

optimize your learning

Real-time feedback and dynamically created lessons. The entire learning experience evolves just for you, every time.

Conversational learning




Personalized feedback




Anytime, anywhere practice




Optimized learning using AI




Less than a typical food delivery order




- Building Kleo -

Our Mission

We aim to cultivate connection through learning and conversation. Let’s get talking to each other. Kleo is the new way to learn languages. Your personal coach you can practice speaking with anytime and receive instant, personalized feedback. Without judgments or limits, Kleo gets you ready to speak in the real world.

Photo of Michiyo Kawasaki

Michiyo Kawasaki


Raised in a biracial and bilingual household, I have experienced the connection and also the separation that language can bring. I was inspired by my father's ongoing struggles to improve his English and the impact this had on our family. Driven to create a powerful solution to unleash the joy of succeeding and connecting through language.

Photo of Michael Bachuri

Michael Bachuri


As a first-generation American, the language barrier always served as an obstacle to developing relationships with my loved ones. This now fuels my motivation to help solve this problem by using my passion for emerging and mobile technologies.

Photo of Luke Weidner

Luke Weidner

President of Engineering

With a grandmother who moved from Germany to America at the age of 16, I know how much more of a connection people can have when speaking to each other in a shared language. I'm so excited to share this gift of language with everyone through the Kleo experience.

- Users and Experts Speak -

Feli photo

"Feli from Germany" channel

I was skeptical at first. But then I was blown away! I was speaking Spanish to a woman and was invited into her home - all while sitting in a coffee shop. Kleo lets you practice in everyday situations without ever leaving the country. This will boost your speaking confidence immensely!

- Feli

Peter photo

co-author of National German Exam and teacher with 30 years of experience

It's as close as you can get to having a teacher in the classroom giving you feedback.

- Peter

Jessie photo

mom and entrepreneur

Love, love, love the interactive element of immediate feedback and practicing like you're with a live coach . . . or a live friend.

- Jessie

Shelly photo

long-time Duolingo user

I've been doing Duolingo for 4 years and I've liked it a lot, so, honestly, I was skeptical of another language app. However, I prefer Kleo's format - I like interacting with real people, and it seems to get to the heart of what's important to know.

- Shelly

Kali photo

language app subscriber

I like the interaction much more than Babbel and Rosetta Stone. Very engaging. Love love!!

- Kali